Review: Jakobssons Mint and Classic Portion Snus

I received some cans of Jakobssons Mint and Classic Strong Portions so here is my take on it. (video review to follow soon)

Jakobssons Classic Strong Portion

The can is the same kind of  design as their Wintergreen Strong Snus that came out a while back.    It has the ‘This Product Can Cause mouth Cancer Warning’ to appease the FDA rules in America.  20  portions in the can.

Open opening the can the aroma is a very strong citrusy bergamot smell.  The portions are quite moist.

The taste is like that of a very traditional swedish snus however much sweeter than I have noticed in any traditional swedish snus before.

The nicotine hits you fast and hard, but mellows out a bit after about 15 mins.  14mg per gram.  The snus has a higher PH than most so you absorb the nicotine faster.

This snus does not taste bad however I am not sure about the sweetness.  This snus will appeal more to the American Palette I would think.

Jakobssons Mint Strong Portion

The can has the same design but blue mint in colour and same FDA compliant warning.

The aroma from this snus is very strong mint.    The flavour very strong mint it burns a little.  Is also very sweet.  It is very much like sweet mint gum.  After about 15 mins you also start to taste the tobacco more prominently.

The nicotine hits hard and fast  again due to the high PH level in the Snus.

Market research was carried out on this snus, Samples of varous snus brands including this were sent to existing customers of mint snus and this came back as the favourite.  So I am sure this will be very popular with Mint Tobacco lovers.   I really like the Mint Snus so will certainly be getting this snus again.